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Startup Funding

New Rules of Startup Fundraising

This session will outline how to get your company funded.  What options do you have and how to you approach investors?  This session will demystify the venture capitalists and angel investors and discuss options that are often ignored.  What do they look for and how should an entrepreneur approach them.  What steps must one go through to get funding?  This session will answer all of these questions and prepare you for seeking the right funding from the right source at the right time.

  • ·Knowing when you’re ready for investors
  • ·Your funding options and how to raise money
  • ·Understanding venture capitalists and angel investors
  • ·Pitching to these investors
  • ·Trick questions VC ask
  • ·When to approach investors and how?
  • ·What about Crowd-Funding and loans and government grants?

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